China's Demand for Oral Care to Reach 21.5 Billion Yuan

Demand for oral care products in China is expected to climb 11% per year through 2012 to reach 21.5 billion yuan, driven by the increasing number of Chinese who are using dental products to improve their appearance and the growing popularity of professional dental care. According to The Freedonia Group, Inc.'s new Dental Products in China study, rising personal income levels will make dental products more affordable to consumers while government programs will increase awareness of the benefits of good oral care.

Consumer dental products—including toothpaste, whitening products, mouthwash and dental rinses, dental floss and denture products—account for approximately three-quarters of overall Chinese dental product demand. Toothpaste dominates the consumer dental product segment, comprising about 90% of the market. However, the fastest growth is anticipated for lower volume products— especially whitening products, floss and dentures, with sales of each growing more than 15% annually through 2012.

Professional dental product demand in China will rise more than 14% annually through 2012, outpacing consumer dental product advances. Market gains will be spurred by an increasing number of dental visits per year, as well as by a shift from functional and repair and restorative products to cosmetic procedures using more aesthetic material.

The current strong growth in both consumer and professional dental product sales in China is being driven primarily by demand in urban areas. Urban China typically has much higher disposable income levels, as well as better personal hygiene awareness than the less-developed countryside. Going forward, continuing urbanization, as well as government and private efforts to promote hygiene awareness and economic growth in rural areas, will boost per capita consumption of dental products in China.

Additional data is available from Freedonia.

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