66% of Americans Don't Protect Skin Against Pollution


Pollution can wreak havoc on skin health. While this idea is becoming more commonplace among consumers, a recent study conducted by H2O+ Beauty found that 66% of people still do not protect their skin against pollution.

The American Lung Association explains that pollutant particles are 20 times smaller than skin pores and easily penetrate the skin barrier while negatively affecting skin. The Journal of Investigative Dermatology states that when a person is exposed to these particles, the skin’s integrity can be compromised and signs of aging can become visible.

The Study Found

  • 33% of consumers do purchase skin care products that help protect against pollutant such as those found in traffic and care exhaust, factories, power plants and second hand smoke.
  • 68% of people indicate that they were more likely to purchase a product that protects their skin against the sun.
  • 62% of women would be more likely to purchase products if they protect skin against environmental pollutants, compared to 55% of men.

CEO of H2O+ Beauty, Joy Chen, said, "The data indicates a serious rift between general awareness of the damage that pollution can cause to your skin, and the understanding that you can shield your skin from harm with certain products…There's a real opportunity for the beauty industry to take more action to help protect our skin against harmful airborne toxins.”

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