All Natural Ayuna


What it is: Soap, Essence, Balm, Cream I and Cream II by Ayuna Skin

Claims: The Ayuna skin care line includes five natural products containing phyto-peptides and plasmas rich in botanical cell factors. The Soap is formulated to be nourishing and cleansing for the face. Essence exfoliates with a grain-free gommage that ensures skin renewal. Balm helps to lift and refine while detoxifying and tightening pores. Cream I and Cream II help to soften wrinkles, texture and even out redness and spots on the skin.

Key ingredients: Botanical activated carbon, borage oil, olive oil, coconut oil, alpha-amino acids, lemon fruit water, volcanic glass, pullulan, shea butter

Price: Soap ($38), Essence ($145), Balm ($130), Cream I and Cream II ($198)

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