Avenge Clear Skin by Burying Breakouts


What it is: Intensive Repair Serum by Kristine Holey + Marie Veronique

Claims: The Intensive Repair Serum is a gel that strengthens the skin from breakouts by stripping, drying and sterilizing. Client trials found that a balance in oil production helps reduce dry or inflamed skin due to previous acne treatments. The serum can be used as a supplement with other acne medications, leaving minimal to no adjustment period on the skin. For consumers who don’t have acne, it is recommended to be used as an exfoliant at night one to two times a week. The serum will increase smoothness, reduce congestion, control oil and effectively battle breakouts.

Key ingredients: Vitamin B5, lactic acid, salicylic acid, acetic acid, marrubium extract

Price: 1 oz. bottle ($90)

Where to buy: www.marieveronique.com

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