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All For [Yu]: Givaudan Unveils Fine Fragrance Concept

An acronym for “Your Uniqueness,” [Yu] consist of 10 fine fragrances crafted with the company’s microbiome-protecting ingredient, Revivyl.

Deinove, Hallstar-Oléos Expand Collaboration

Oleoactive will be the second cosmetic ingredient for Deinove and Hallstar-Oléos, which launched a partnership in January 2018. The Occitanie Region has granted Deinove a subsidy corresponding to 35% of the total budget of this new innovation program fully developed within the region.

Stylie One Launches Updated Schedule Fresh

Schedule Fresh, an online booking platform, allows users to create a web-based profile with customizable service offerings, prices, hours of operations and more.

The Honest Company Receives Multi-Million Dollar Investment

It will use the investment to further promote global scale via opening new distribution channels, and to bolster its supply channel. By the end of the year, the company will launch more than 80 new and improved baby and beauty products.

SkinNinja Acquires $1 million in Funding

The smartphone app identifies potentially harmful ingredients in cosmetics and skin care product.

The Skin Microbiome: A New 'Organ' and How to Leverage It

We know the skin microbiome exists, but can the industry leverage it? Is recent interest short-lived? And are consumers ready for it? Magali Moreau, Ph.D., associate principal scientist at L'Oréal, had some answers during the Microbiome Symposium.

Firmenich Partners With Nelixia for Naturals in Central America

During a waterfront WPC event, Firmenich announced plans to partner with Nelixia to expand sustainability initiatives in Guatemala, Peru and Honduras.

CalBlend PC by Pilot Chemical

CalBlend PC is a DEA-free, environmentally friendly performance blend that is mild to skin and hair.

Biosil Basics Amino DL-30 CE by Biosil Technologies Inc.

This ingredient is able to polymerize and has protective properties for color-treated hair.

KeraGuard by Mibelle Biochemistry

KeraGuard protects hair against damage from UV, heat and pollution, prevents color fading and demonstrate a repair effect on bleached hair.

Inside Gradient Spray by APC Packaging

APC Packaging offers an inside gradient spray effect to give packaging a deep and refined appearance.

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