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PSB Re-Centers Texan Strategy, Adds New Governance Committee

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Rémi Weidenmann, new executive committee leader, managing director. François-Xavier Entremont, president of PSB Industries.

PSB Industries has announced its new governance committee and a revised industrial, marketing and sales positioning, re-centering its strategy around Texen. 

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Acting as a financial holding company, PSB Industries intends to continue to push Texen’s growth both organically and through new opportunities with a global leadership on the luxury and beauty packaging market thanks to a positioning centered around the environmental transition.

Texen will focus on interaction between its operating and strategic resources on a global level. This change in approach is based on the priority given to a package’s function and usage and the esthetic and emotional experience it offers. This implies a quest for quality, differentiation through innovation, internalizing high added-value expertise and integrating new technologies, notably inspired by other markets and segments.

The new executive committee is led by managing director Rémi Weidenmann, who has been with the group since 2014.

In charge of operations is Pierre-Yves Quéfélec, senior vice president of sales, marketing and innovation, and Christophe Cabut, senior vice president of operations, in charge of all the company’s manufacturing facilities.

They complete the executive committee, working alongside CSR, human resources and administration and finance functions. 

This strategy will be integrated across Europe, Asia and the Americas by the group’s 1,200 employees at its eight factories and three sales and trading offices, as well as by its partner companies, equally committed to this mission.

François-Xavier Entremont, president of PSB Industries, said, “The environmental transition is no longer up for debate. Following a global strategic review, we have re-positioned the company in order to rise to the challenges based on a single mission: transforming matter into experience in a virtuous way. We will invest and seize opportunities to allow Texen to push the product and consumer experience in a sustainable manner, contributing to the circular economy."