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Pylote, Gergonne Industrie Test Coversafe on SARS-CoV 2 Virus

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Coversafe is a self-adhesive film with outstanding anti-microbial properties and can be applied to all types of surfaces, such as tables and door handles. Photo: Gergonne.

Pylote and Gergonne Industrie have announced the successful testing of Pylote's antimicrobial film, Coversafe, on SARS-CoV 2 virus, which is responsible for COVID-19.

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Surfaces with Coversafe adhesive films were compared to similar control surfaces without the Pylote technology.

The contact of the Coversafe film with the strain of human coronavirus SARS-CoV 2 strain BASA induced a reduction of the log viral load of 1.42 log after 1 hour contact time, which shows 96% efficiency, persisting at 10 days of culture.

These results were obtained in an environment reproducing extreme conditions of use (greasy, voluntary soiling) of the surface known as "dirty hands conditions," which go beyond normal use.

Coversafe adhesive films have been tested according to the methodology of the ISO 21702 standard, within the virology department of the University of Limoges.

The adhesive films have also been tested in real conditions of use at the Xavier Bichat high school (600 students). The objective was to evaluate the biocontamination with or without the use of the protective films.

The results from the three sample points demonstrate the efficiency of the the film that allows a strong reduction of the risk of microbiological transmission:

  • Main door of the high school (inside): division by 3 of the total flora present.
  • Self-catering table (inside): division by 4 of the total flora present.
  • Main door of the high school (outside): division by 2 of the total flora present.

All the surfaces equipped with Coversafe films have a value lower than the maximum target value of total flora of 50 CFU/25 cm² (from the bio-cleaning guide), whereas only 33% of the surfaces without it respect this value.