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Shiseido Introduces Makeup Videos for Cancer-related Skin Concerns

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Shiseido has revamped its Life Quality Makeup site. Along with a newly designed logo it now features videos on makeup application techniques to assist individuals with appearance concerns, as well as testimonials from those who've tried the program.

Shiseido Company, Ltd. has renewed and relaunched its Shiseido Life Quality Makeup site and began offering video clips that introduce makeup techniques for those with beauty- and appearance-related concerns resulting from side effects of cancer treatment.

New to the site are two video types, “Makeup Navigation for Your Skin Concern” and “Voices of the Experienced,” which come from cancer survivors and those who have skin concerns. Shiseido Life Quality Makeup’s site also features a redesigned logo.

Makeup Navigation for Your Skin Concern” introduces makeup application techniques targeting specific symptoms and covers beauty concerns/symptoms like vitiligo and scars due to the side effects of cancer treatment. It presents an easy-to-understand explanation and demonstration that those who are unfamiliar with makeup application can also follow.

Voices of the Experienced” currently includes articles and videos of three individuals with skin concerns over burns and cancer treatment side effects, who discuss how they encountered the Life Quality Makeup program and the changes in their feelings as a result.

The company intends to continue providing beauty information to people with appearance concerns, as well as their families into the future.

Products used in the program can be purchased on Shiseido's official website “watashi+.”