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It's a Sign: Zodiac-inspired Makeup Collections

This trend, which often features limited-edition products and collections, encourages consumers to purchase the makeup that was inspired by their individual zodiac sign.

Retailers Are Jumping on the Wellness Trend

The wellness industry is growing faster than ever before now that different retailers want a piece of the pie. The future of the wellness industry, however, remains in the consumers' hands.

Little Green Launches Super Detangling Duo for Kids with Sensitive Skin

The system comprises the Detangling System and Conditioning Rinse and is meant to moisturize and detangle.

Schwarzkopf Offers New Level of Personalization with My Specialist

My Specialist Hair Analysis uses advanced microscopic testing to meet the individual hair care needs of every consumer.

Inside Patchology's Obsession with Customer Insights

Chris Hobson set to work with a team of industry leaders to create truly effective delivery of great skin care ingredients. Patchology was born.

How Coola's Setbacks Made It a Stronger Brand

“By this point, we had reformulated and crafted our mission statement in a way that we had much more success the second time than if we had gone to market with the first run."

Special Report: 5 WellBeauty Trends

Beauty sleep, ingestibles, minimalist products, environmental defense and microbiome-friendly care.

No Making Up: Brexit and the Cosmetics Industry

CEW hosted a mentoring event on the challenges facing businesses as the U.K. exits the European Union, featuring Chris Flower and Emma Meredith of CTPA.

Beautyblender Launches Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation

The foundation's packaging was designed to work seamlessly with a Beautyblender sponge

OPI Launches Peru-inspired Collection for Fall/Winter 2018

The shades were inspired by Peru's earthy, sandy landscapes, textiles with vibrant hues, red sand beaches, colorful historic buildings, and the Peruvian flag.

Asarai Launches at Urban Outfitters

The Australian brand offers a range of gender-neutral skin care products formulated without parabens, color, fragrance and toxins.

Best Face Forward: US Personal Care Market Grows

The market will be driven by the aging millennial population, who will see an increase in purchasing power over the coming years.

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