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Kate Hudson's InBloom: Wellness Inside Out

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InBloom delivers holistic wellness products for the mind and body.

Kate Hudson and Syllable have launched InBloom, a nutrition lifestyle brand featuring whole foods and plants, essential herbs, minerals, vitamins and compounds. "Instead of just treating symptoms, our blends are made to address the root cause of some of the most difficult problems you face in your daily life," notes the brand.

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The brand's range includes Essential Elements Daily multivitamin + greens (retailing for $59),  comprising "100% of daily vitamins plus a holistic dose of greens and minerals, combined with adaptogenic stress protection," and Beauty Aura Inside-out ($49), offering collagen for the hair skin and nails.

In addition, the brand includes Brain Flow Full-spectrum cognition blend ($49), Energy Shift Balanced ($49) and Dream Sleep Herbal ($49). 

The brand notes, "We include adaptogens and other amphoteric herbs in many of our blends: they play a crucial role in normalizing your body’s response to stress and fatigue."

Notable ingredients include amla berry, ginger, chamomile flower, beta glucans, ginkgo, marine collagen, passionflower, eleuthero root, ashwagandha root, magnesium, horesetail silica, B vitamins and bacopa.

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