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NikkieTutorials x Beauty Bay Dropping Palette

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NikkieTutorials and Beauty Bay are about to release a highly anticipated palette.

NikkieTutorials and Beauty Bay have teamed up on a limited-edition, vegan 20-shade pressed pigment eyeshadow palette (retailing for $30) featuring a double mirror with a zoomed side for glasses wearers.

The shades comprise:

  • Mikai: red matte
  • Redemption: marigold orange matte
  • Slasher: mulberry purple matte
  • Ew!: true green matte
  • Mila: caramel nude matte
  • Basic Trut: pink toned nude matte
  • Mama Tutorials/Mama T: baby blue shimmer
  • Ivy: silver shimmer
  • 5am: chocolate brown matte
  • Amsterdamn: cobalt blue matte
  • Zomer: peach-pink matte
  • Mr Tutorials/Mr T: hazel-toned shimmer
  • Roxy Catan: bright pink shimmer
  • Blend & Snap!: bubble-gum pink matte
  • VLA: bumblebee yellow matte
  • Aura: orange shimmer
  • All In: green duochrome
  • Pride: pink duochrome
  • Underground: silver/gold shimmer
  • Plot Twist: baby blue matte

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