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SWEAT Cosmetics Lets You Play Hard and Look Good

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During the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup Canada, beauty editors noted the use of makeup among players, including Hope Solo's cat eye, Christen Press' eyeliner and Sydney Leroux's smear-free lipstick.

It was this particular mix of athletic performance and flawless beauty that the founders of SWEAT Cosmetics sought to tackle. As the brand puts it, "Together they wanted to bridge the gap between fitness and beauty, so that women could feel comfortable, confident and empowered both on and off the field."

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When Taryn Hemmings, a professional soccer defender who plays in the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL), looked around at the beauty industry, she wondered "why are there no products for us?"

Taryn Hemmings

Hemmings, now founder and COO of SWEAT Cosmetics, partnered with fellow athletes Courtney Jones (CEO, former pro soccer player for the NWSL's Boston Breakers), Leslie Osborne (CMO, former NWSL player for the Chicago Red Stars and Boston Breakers), Emily Hines (founder and CFO, former member of the Division 1, University of Denver Pioneers soccer team) and Lindsay Tarpley (chief communications officer, two-time Olympic gold medalist soccer player) to develop products that could stand up to the punishing conditions of professional sports, protect the skin and fit into the active lifestyles of everyday women.

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Hemmings notes that she and her teammates would wear makeup to the game, but no formulations appeared to be sufficiently effective for skin protection or performance under high pressure.

Beauty for Active Lifestyles

The brand's debut product was the Sweat Stick ($42; refills are $24), an all-in-one loose mineral powder made with antibacterial ingredients and twist brush design. The formulation won't clog pores and protects and repairs skin before, during and after physical activity. At the same time, the Sweat Stick won't run into the wearer's eyes or drip down their face during perspiration.

The stick is available in a 40-minute water resistant translucent powder or an 80-minute water resistant tinted foundation. It is refillable and designed for portability.

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Next month, SWEAT is launching its makeup-removing oil-free cleansing wipes, which contain vitamin E and coconut water. They will be available in packs of 10 ($5) or 30 ($15).

The brand will also soon introduce its mineral foundation in a pot version (SPF30) and a translucent powder/illuminator ($42) comprising milk thistle Rhodiola rosea, vitamin E and zinc oxide. The brand is also launching two shades of bronzer.

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The products contain no oils, fragrance, silicone or parabens.

Emily Hines

Formulating for High Performance

Hemmings notes that she and her teammates would wear makeup to the game, but no formulations appeared to be sufficiently effective for skin protection or performance under high pressure.

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Working with two chemists, Hemmings and her partners worked to develop products that didn't run into their eyes or clothes, offered the right SPF defense and had the desired texture. The theory was: if it works for pro athletes, the brand will certainly work for the active everyday woman who's running from work to the gym to a child's soccer practice.

SWEAT Cosmetics leveraged its US women's soccer team connections during the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup Canada as a springboard for the brand. The response, according to Hines, has been highly positive, with women commenting on the products' ease of application and performance.

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