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Amyris’s 'Clean,' Fermented Acne Treatment Found to Outperform Industry Standards

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Amyris has published its early clinical results for its reportedly “clean” acne treatment formulation, which was found to perform better than other non-natural formulations.


Amyris, Inc. announced the results of an early clinical study evaluating its 'clean' and fermentation-based topical acne treatment.

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Conducted by Princeton Consumer Research Corp. (PCR), the study analyzed Amyris's acne formulation, which consists of two of the company's “clean,” fermentation-based ingredients. The formulation reportedly demonstrated higher efficacy than 10 other standard acne treatments currently available in the United States, measured in terms of magnitude and duration of acne reduction. Additional details are as-yet undisclosed.

Amyris underlined its focus on developing and producing naturally sourced ingredients—in contrast with current acne treatments, which the company notes are formulated with synthetics. As such, this particular formulation provides a new market offering and fits with the “clean” beauty movement.

"We are pleased with the early clinical results demonstrating the power of our science to address the most common skin care issues," said John Melo, president and chief executive officer of Amyris. "We are working on finalizing our proprietary acne formulation, advancing intellectual property protection and preparing for an accelerated consumer launch. This formulation will further expand Amyris's ‘clean’ beauty brand leadership, combining our science with high performing products to be sold directly to the consumer."

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