Beauty Says: Bye Bye Beads

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glo's latest launches incorporate alternatives to traditional microbeads.

Synthetic microbeads are facing increasing regulatory scrutiny and outright bans around the world, and activists like Greenpeace are keeping tabs on which brands are phasing them out. So it's no surprise that glō is making a big to-do over its use of bio-degradable alternatives to polyethylene beads in its formulations.

In compliance with the Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015, the move will be applied to four updated skin care formulas that contain no polyethylene beads. Products include:

  • Daily Polishing Cleanser ($36), containing jojoba beads made from natural wax , as well as Lessonia's trademarked Celluloscrub, a renewable modified cellulose from wood pulp
  • Refresh Facial Polish ($26), containing jojoba beads and the high-silica algae, diatomaceous earth
  • Brightening Polish ($44), containing jojoba beads
  • Clear Acne Cleanser ($38), containing biodegradable synthetic wax beads

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