Andrew Fitzsimons Launching Namesake Hair Care Brand at Ulta Beauty

Andrew Fitzsimons has launched his namesake hair care brand at Ulta Beauty.
Andrew Fitzsimons has launched his namesake hair care brand at Ulta Beauty.

Andrew Fitzsimons has launched his namesake hair care brand at Ulta Beauty and

The 23-SKU hair line features five ranges: Virgin Repair, Fantasy Curls, Body Volume and Prism Shine and Styling.

  • Virgin Repair: Ideal for damaged and/or weakened hair, this collection strengthens hair structure with an innovative formula featuring ceramides to revitalize and regenerate while protecting against further breakage from chemical, thermal, environmental stressors and styling effects.

The Virgin Repair range.The Virgin Repair range.

  • Fantasy Curls: Formulated to cater to 3A-4C curls, this nourishing collection provides long-lasting curl definition for smooth, manageable and bouncy curls. Containing amino acids for strength and pro keratin to rejuvenate dry hair, this line controls volume and tames frizz without stripping the hair’s natural oils.

The Fantasy Curls range.The Fantasy Curls range.

  • Body Volume: Ideal for thin or fine hair, this unique collection formulated with caffeine is designed to nourish, texturize and lift. 

The Body Volume range.The Body Volume range.

  • Prism Shine: Suitable for most hair types, this collection provides extreme shine, moisture and reduced frizz while improving manageability and protection from dullness. Infused with a hyaluronic acid protein complex, Prism Shine replenishes fibers from root to tip, detangles and softens to leave strands silky, supple and with maximum shine. 

The Prism Shine range.The Prism Shine range.

  • Styling: The products offer a mix of innovative formulas and perfected luxury-inspired classics, all including Aurascent Technology. This long-lasting scent technology leaves strands with a divine fragrance that boasts notes of citrus, green florals and creamy wood which gradually release over time. 

The Styling range.The Styling range.

The collection is formulated with the proprietary AF Bonding System, an innovative protein-based complex that builds maximum strength from within strands by creating powerful hydrogen and ionic bonds inside the keratin hair structure to increase elasticity and flexibility.

In addition, the line features Aurascent technology, designed to maintain the fragrance emitted by the product at first use, for 72 hours post use. 

The brand joins Conscious Beauty at Ulta Beauty, which educates, guides and simplifies by providing guests with greater choices and  transparency. Andrew Fitzsimons Haircare is certified under all five Conscious Beauty pillars: Clean Ingredients, cruelty-free, vegan, sustainable packaging and positive impact. 

Fitzsimons said, "Having spent two decades in the hair industry, I’ve come to realize we as beauty professionals can serve clients better. I made it my mission to create the first high concept, high fashion, high performance brand, and make it a price everyone can afford. Everyone deserves products that makes them feel like their best selves.”  

Jessica Phillips, vice president of merchandising, Ulta Beauty, said, "We’re beyond thrilled to introduce the talented Andrew Fitzsimons to our guests with his new, playful and exciting brand. Our guests are loyal to products with a proven bonding system. Paired with such an affordable price point, we are confident this will be the perfect addition to any beauty lover’s hair care routine. We can’t wait to welcome new and existing fans to discover this brand exclusively at Ulta Beauty stores, our salons and online.”  

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