The Foremost 50 List Features Supergoop!, Tula and More

The Foremost 50 includes brands such as Supergoop!, Westman Atelier and Cocokind.
The Foremost 50 includes brands such as Supergoop!, Westman Atelier and Cocokind.

The Lead has announced its 2020 Foremost 50 List, containing D2C brands that are reinventing and redefining the future of fashion, retail, and consumer. The list is presented in partnership with Rosenthal & Rosenthal.

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The Lead Forum and Foremost 50 Awards Celebration will take place on February 4, 2021 at 1 p.m. EST via virtual event. 

The Foremost 50 List includes:

  • Deciem, houses an umbrella of beauty brands.

    • Founders: Brandon Truaxe & Nicola Kilner

    • CEO: Nicola Kilner

    • Capital Raised: Undisclosed

  • Nutrafol, specializes in hair wellness supplements that target the root causes of hair thinning.

    • Founders: Giorgis Tsetis, Roland Peralta, Dr. Sophia Kogan

    • CEO: Giorgis Tsetis

    • Capital Raised: $35M

  • Prose, a 100% customized hair care brand.

    • Founders: Arnaud Plas, Catherine Taurin, Nicolas Mussat, Paul Michaux

    • CEO: Arnaud Plas

    • Capital Raised: $25M

  • Skylar, a clean fragrance and personal care brand.

    • Founder: Cat Chen

    • CEO: Cat Chen

    • Capital Raised: $17M

  • Supergoop!, a skin care brand 100% dedicated to sun care.

    • Founder: Holly Thaggard

    • CEO: Amanda Baldwin

    • Capital Raised: Undisclosed

  • Tula, a clean skin care brand powered by probiotics and superfoods.

    • Founder: Roshini Raj

    • CEO: Savannah Sachs

    • Capital Raised: Undisclosed

  • Westman Atelier, a makeup brand formulated with clean ingredients.

    • Founders: Gucci Westman, David Neville

    • CEO: David Neville

    • Capital Raised: Undisclosed

Also included on the list is sexual wellness brand Maude, which offers some personal care/intimacy products.

The Lead also includes the Ones to Watch List, including up and coming D2C brands that show potential and have the foundations to make major strides and significantly impact the industry. Brands on this list include:

  • Cocokind, a clean, conscious, and accessible skin care brand.

    • Founder: Priscilla Tsai

    • CEO: Priscilla Tsai

  • Live Tinted, a community-driven beauty brand.

    • Founder: Deepica Mutyala

    • CEO: Deepica Mutyala

  • Stryx, a cosmetics and skin care brand designed for men. 

    • Founders: Devir Kahan, Jon Shanahan

    • CEO: Devir Kahan

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