CEW UK and Landsec Announce Pop-Up Partnership


CEW UK is teaming up with Landsec, offering beauty brands the chance to open pop-up stores in high footfall destinations around the U.K.

Landsec owns a number of retail destinations, including Bluewater in Kent, Westgate Oxford and Trinity Leeds. Beginning July 2019, CEW members will be able to register interest for select Landsec locations, for an opportunity to access their audiences. Landsec will select from a shortlist of businesses and brands it believes will offer the best experiences to shoppers within the respective destinations.

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“CEW members represent a diverse range of brands and business,” said CEW UK president Caroline Neville. “We have created this innovative partnership with Landsec to give these businesses anew opportunity to appear in flagship retail destinations and this is the first collaboration of its type.”

Landsec’s Muriel Zingraff added: “This exclusive offer to CEW members will deliver a great experience for shoppers and brands, in some of our prime locations across the U.K.”

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