Five Blade Shaving System


What it is: Razor and Shaving Program by Jack Black

Claims: The Razor and Shave Program introduces the Razor, Classic Shave Kit and Bump-Free Shave Kit to provide men with a clean shave. The Razor is a five blade, stainless steel razor that uses a weighted handle and non-slip grip. The Classic Shave Kit contains Pure Clean Daily Facial Moisturizer, Beard Lube and Double-Duty Facial Moisturizer along with the Razor to provide a close shave and includes two replacement cartridges. The Bump-Free Shave Kit uses the Bump Fix to soothe and exfoliate the skin to dissolve dirt and oil in the pores. The kit also includes the Razor and two replacement cartridges.

Price:  Razor ($15), Classic Shave Kit ($29) and Bump-Free Shave Kit ($29)

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