Lash Lovers Can Now Create Bespoke Mascara


Beauty product customization has now entered lash land thanks to Eyeko London. 

Eyeko provides consumers the opportunity to take a three-question quiz that helps create a personalized mascara available to purchase directly through the website. 

The Quiz

  • Visitors to the Eyeko website are asked to identify their natural lashes: straight, curly, full sparse, long short, etc. 
  • They are then asked what is most important to them when choosing a mascara: extra volume, waterproof, added curl, length and definition, etc.
  • Lastly, they are asked to select their preferred brush style. 
  • Eyeko then selects a mascara formula based on their answers and pairs it with the selected brush. 
  • The bespoke mascara retails for $40.00. 
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