[Slideshow]: Popular Target Brand Launches Exclusive Fall 2017 Collection

Endless Silky Eye Pen: Available Colors (left to right) IcyCitrine and JeweledPewter
Endless Silky Eye Pen: Available Colors (left to right) IcyCitrine and JeweledPewter

PIXI by Petra, created by London makeup artist Petra Strand, has recently launched the new fall collection at Target stores and online

The collection is composed of two new skin care products, along with two new cosmetic products and two new colors of a well-loved eyeliner.

Rose Caviar Essence

Rose Caviar Essence is a lightweight serum-essence with flower oils to hydrate and restore brightness, as well as refine and tone skin. The essence contains several flower oils from rose geranium oil to sunflower oil.

Rose Flash Balm

Rose Flash Balm can be used as a moisturizer, mask and makeup primer in one. The balm is oil free and quick absorbing to moisturize and brighten skin. Rose water balances skin’s pH, while rose extract minimizes redness and olive leaf smoothes.

Pat Away Concealing Base

The long-wearing, blendable base provides full coverage with antioxidant protection and a natural finish. The applicator is shaped similar to a ring finger to help pat and conceal without rubbing. The concealer is available in three shades.

MatteLast Liquid Lip

The rosehip oil-infused matte liquid lipstick is highly pigmented and long-wearing. The formula sets quickly and provides hydration with a non-transferable veil finish. The lipstick is available in five new shades that can be used day or night.

Endless Silky Eye Pen

Endless Silky Eye Pen provides long wear, no smudging and effortless application and is now available in two foiled shades: IcyCitrine and JeweledPewter. 

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