Diamonds Are Cosmetics’ Best Friend


Kristals Cosmetics has launched a series of how-to videos for its semi-precious and precious gemstone product. Gemstones have healing abilities, according to the brand, and are ground into a powder and mixed with other ingredients to create the Kristals Cosmetics line.

Kristals Cosmetics bases its products on 12 different gemstones, combining them with organic extracts from botanicals and herbal essences and oils. Its four video tutorials correspond to different gemstone-based skin care products—amber, ruby, gold and diamond.

“Because Kristals products are based on a unique use of gemstones to create bioenergized formulations inspired by ancient, holistic traditions, educating customers in their optimal use is crucial," explains Shay Segev, president and CEO of Kristals Cosmetics. “But the videos are meant to be an additional resource for when they leave the store and also to introduce these unique treatments to people who haven't used them before.”

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