PulsePoints Launches Fragrance

Gary Farn Ltd., a U.S. sales and marketing firm for designer and lifestyle fragrances, announced its collaborative venture with Mane, a worldwide leader in fragrance and flavor design, to form PulsePoints. The company was created to develop, market and distribute fragrance brands at the boutique and specialty level, and will be launching its first fragrance, Leiber, this month. PulsePoints’ Alison Farn, manager and co-founder (also CEO of Gary Farn); Lori Mariano, brand rights and new business development; Theresa Plavoukos, marketing; and Regina Maguire, creative and product development, discussed the genesis of the venture.

According to the team, PulsePoints was created to fill an industry gap in boutique and specialty fragrance product marketing.

“PulsePoints, which was conceived in response to the fragrance market becoming increasingly dominated by large corporations, allows us to partner with brands earlier in the process, from concept through distribution,” said Farn. “If you’re a smaller brand, that knows its customers, PulsePoints can offer a transparent, collaborative environment for those brands to go to, without the layering and potential dilution sometimes involved in a larger endeavor.”

The Leiber fragrance itself contains floral and oriental notes designed to capture the moment when a woman feels most beautiful and elegant. Perfumer Karine Dubreuil of Mane created an olfactive structure that includes Italian bergamot, jasmine absolute, Turkish rose, mimosa, cedar, amber, vanilla and patchouli. The bottle is shaped like an Asscher-cut diamond, inspired by Leiber’s fine jewelry collection.
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