Deciem Launches New Fragrance Brand, Avestan


Deciem has quietly launched its new fragrance brand, Avestan. 

Avestan's lines include eau de parfum, parfum concentré, a lifestyle line made up of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion and bubble bath, and—what the company is calling—"fragrance for paper."

While there are currently no fragrance notes on Avestan's website, the scents are described as the following:

  • Svalbard: "An ode to concrete corridors of Svalbard Seed Vault in the Arctic";
  • Printer's Ink: "A fragrance for paper and luggage with borrowings from a heritage printer in central U.K.";
  • A Violin Atelier: "A connection with woods, tools and inks inside a violin atelier";
  • Budapest: "A discovery of copper in Budapest architecture.";
  • A Tannery in Tuscany: "A sensory summary of tanning suede in a Tuscan afternoon";
  • Date Market in Tunis: "A warming stroll through the contrast of spices and dates in a Tunisian market";
  • Roofs of Beni Isguen: "A walk through alleyways of the roofless North African town of Beni Isguen";
  • Asni Village: "A barefoot walk through the rivers, mud and the soil of High Atlas mountains";
  • Ténéré Desert: "An isolated trek across the South Central Saharan desert land";
  • Tent in Tanzania: "An aromatic visualization of firewood near a tent in Tanzania";
  • Yasna: "A contemplation of fire against water in orderly Avestan spiritual ceremonies";
  • Esfahan: "An Iranian borrowing of Assam oudh and crushed saffron"; and
  • Tibet: "A humble selflessness amongst the sands, rocks and gusts of Tibet."

Founder, Brandon Truaxe, wrote on the brand's website, "Avestan is the embodiment of this pleasing unfamiliarity. It is a deviation from familiar notes that move us through the past. It is an exploration of the untried. It is a journey to create new meaning through scents. It is a departure from lavender and rose to an unfulfilled journey of unfamiliar notes: clays, stems, saps, places and moments. Avestan is an avant-garde play on nature—one that disallows the mind to identify but creates instead a welcomed occasion to explore."

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