Deciem Founder's 'Erratic Behavior' Borders on Radical Transparency

Deciem founder Brandon Truaxe. @deciem / via Instagram
Deciem founder Brandon Truaxe. @deciem / via Instagram

Over the past month, Deciem's social media accounts have undergone somewhat of a transformation. And some of the company's followers are not entirely sure how to feel about it. 

On January 24, Deciem's founder, Brandon Truaxe, took to Instagram to announce that he had canceled all of the company's marketing plans and that he would henceforth be in charge of its social media accounts. 

Since January 24, Truaxe has...

  • Discontinued one of the company's lines during an Instagram video, without informing the line's collaborator prior to posting;
  • Posted a photo of an impaled sheep;
  • Posted seven photos/videos of trash in Morocco with captions vowing to "eliminate all plastic including our shopping bags, droppers, foundation bottles";
  • Threatened to delete critical comments followers post;
  • Responded to one follower's expressed concern for him by saying, "Yes, but you don’t seem so well. Please use Modulating Glucosides when it’s out. Goodbye"; and
  • Renounced his title of CEO and announced he will only be known as a "worker" or a "friend."

What may have started out as an act of transparency has escalated to a level that a recent Refinery 29 article dubbed as "erratic," and customers of the skin care company are not happy about it. One customer even went as far as to burn a product from The Ordinary line. 

While transparency is highly sought-after when it comes to choosing beauty brands, radical transparency can have a negative impact. 

We here at Global Cosmetic Industry will, like many of you, wait for the next social media post from Truaxe to see how this situation unfolds. 

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