OsMoz.com Launches Fragrance App

Global fragrance supplier Firmenich announced the launch of the osMoz.com Apple iPhone app. Targeted at consumers both male and female who are interested in learning about fragrance, the app is available for free download for a limited time through the iTunes App Store.

The osMoz app offers smartphone users an in-depth and unique fragrance experience that engages and empowers the consumer shopping experience. The app features a community-powered fragrance shopping advisor, an instantly updated feed of fragrance news and a comprehensive global fragrance database, all easy to navigate through a simple interface. In addition, the fragrance shopping advisor offers a unique barcode scanner that allows consumers to retrieve descriptions as well as members’ comments and evaluations while in a store. 

The Fragrance Advisor feature offers consumers personalized fragrance advice drawing from a database of tens of thousands of users. By simply selecting a fragrance they love, the app will display others worn by people around the world who like the same, creating a custom consumer-generated recommendation unlike any other.

“osMoz.com is dedicated to educating consumers about the art of perfumery worldwide, providing detailed information on thousands of fragrances as well as links to fragrance brands and distributor websites,” commented Jerry Vittoria, vice president, general manager - fragrances, Firmenich North America. “We believe in the importance of educating consumers about the world of fragrance so that they will truly enjoy selecting and using a variety of perfumes that appeal to their individual personalities.”

“Additionally, the osMoz app will allow consumers on-the-go convenient access to fragrance news, brands and store locations,” continued Julien Levy, director of OsMoz & visual creation, fine fragrances, Firmenich. “This engaging fragrance experience is particularly exciting because it will allow us to reach consumers that depend on their mobile devices for news and shopping information.” 

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