Drom, Color Association Team Up for Color-inspired Scents

Perfumers take their inspiration in many different forms, including fine arts, cooking, fashion and color. Thus, drom fragrances recently partnered with The Color Association for its Spring/Summer 2013 Colors of Beauty Forecast to create custom-designed fragrances inspired by the forecasted color. The fragrances represent each of four separate distinct color stories in the forecast selected by The Color Association’s Beauty Committee. The color stories are titled Oasis, Against the Grain, Haze and Jellies, and they will be revealed at the Beauty Forecast launch party on May 17 at the Glassybaby Studio in NYC.

The Beauty Forecast is driven by a range of colors found in nature and focuses on four different themes. For the Oasis color story, perfumer Kevin Verspoor developed a fragrance inspired by the direct reflection of water and the ocean and all that surrounds it including the sky, greenery, plants, flowers and birds. It merges the spray of the ocean and mossy, green algae of rocks along with the shore, making this fragrance a very ozonic and aquatic scent.

For the Against the Grain color story, perfumer Barbara Wittig felt the theme of rebirth and renewal in relation to the range of warm autumnal colors. From this inspiration, she developed a scent with woody, leathery notes and sheerness of sandalwood in the background. The fragrance brings to mind warm colors such as gold and terracotta.

 In the Haze color story, which revitalizes the vampy movement with a softer, prettier edge, perfumer Jean-Claude Delville found the colors moved forward into a lighter palette but retained an edgy quality, a murky undertone, while also incorporating the tints and tones of purple. To mirror this in the resulting fragrance, Delville used a hint of midnight represented by violet orchid. Violet orchid captures both neo goth and a touch of femininity, and patchouli gives the odor a dark facet while powder gives iridescence to the background.

Finally, for the Jellies color story, perfumer Philippe Romano was inspired by the customization of color and sheer colors meant to be layered individually or by mixing multiples. Romano captured this in the fragrance by using cassis and blood orange to create a juicy, jellylike feeling. The fragrance is bursting with energy and bright colors of tangerine and raspberry.

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