Givaudan Opens New Science and Tech Sensory Center in Kent, U.K.


Givaudan SA has opened a new science and technology sensory center in Ashford, Kent, U.K.—complete with fragrance evaluation booths and simulated consumer bathroom areas for home care products—to evaluate and measure the benefits of perfume.

“Odor evaluation is at the heart of our business,” said Michael Carlos, head of Givaudan's fragrance division. “This investment gives our scientists state-of-the-art facilities in which to measure fragrance performance and to precisely understand the effect of different climates, conditions and equipment upon perfume performance."

Jeremy Ness will lead the center that consists of four teams focusing on measuring and identifying perfume benefits. The new facilities include laboratories and evaluation rooms for the use of the sensory analysis, measurement science and sensory neuroscience teams. Digital management systems enable precise temperature and humidity control and can replicate the expected conditions of any given environment. Specialist evaluation rooms and controlled testing booths enable malodor experiments to support the development of fragrance functionality for personal and home care products in realistic environments that mimic end-product use.

The facilities can simulate European and U.S. home bathrooms and include butler sinks, as used in developing markets and the building’s air handling system is designed to keep an odor-neutral environment. A suite of fragrance evaluation booths supports consistent odor assessment by trained panelists who are involved with testing fragrance for everything from shampoos and fine fragrance to household laundry and cleaning products.

The data collected provides valuable insight to Givaudan’s perfumers and fragrance development managers, as well as vital information for Givaudan’s research programs. Neuroscience evaluation facilities will allow expansion of the understanding of human perception of odor and its effect upon mood, emotion and well-being.

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