House of Wise CBD Brand Launches

House of Wise uses high-quality, full-spectrum hemp.
House of Wise uses high-quality, full-spectrum hemp.

House of Wise, a female-founded brand, has launched with organic CBD products empowering women to give more intention and purpose to sleep, stress management and sex.

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The brand features a collection of five full-spectrum CBD products including:

  • Sex Gummies
  • Sleep Gummies
  • Sleep Drops
  • Stress Gummies
  • Stress Drops

House of Wise's CBD products are derived from organic, NSF Certified, GMP (good manufacturing practices), kosher and halal hemp.

House of Wise uses high-quality, full-spectrum hemp grown in-house at manufacturer facilities in Colorado.

The brand is debuting a "U Up?" text hotline for women who've had issues in any of these three areas as a result of the pandemic. From 12 a.m. to 4 a.m. EDT on Thursday, June 17, women can text (720) 663-9473, and a team of Wise Women will be fully available to chat, share tips, and provide discounts and freebies for the House of Wise product(s) that will change their lives.

Through its #WiseWoman program, women can earn a 20% commission from the sales of any House of Wise products using a custom affiliate link, upon approval.

Amanda Goetz, founder and CEO of House of Wise, said: "Women today face double standards, and CBD carries stigma despite its potential to help so many. I've faced infertility, miscarriage, divorce and single parenting in a pandemic; growing up in a small conservative town, cannabis was never an option for navigating all life throws our way. After giving CBD a try in my 30s, I found myself achieving more restful sleep and mental clarity as I navigated growing my career and my family on my own terms. I believe it's important for women to transform what society has deemed 'shameful' into empowerment. We can't 'have it all' without help. House of Wise is a brand designed to break down these stigmas and provide a supportive community using products that make a meaningful difference in their daily routine."

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