Swander Pace Capital Acquires J.R. Watkins


Private equity firm Swander Pace Capital has announced its acquisition of the J.R. Watkins Personal Care & Household  brand, as well as its assets, from Watkins, Inc.

Swander Pace will provide finances and resources to turn J.R. Watkins Personal Care & Household into a separate company to be named J.R. Watkins, which will continue to manufacture the same personal care and household products.

“We are thrilled to be working with such an experienced and knowledgeable partner in Swander Pace,” said Watkins CEO Mark Jacobs. “Time and again, they have nurtured authentic brands with high-quality products in the natural products space, helping them become leaders in their categories.”

He added, “Swander Pace is known for helping companies grow revenues, improve profitability and unlock value, and we look forward to working with their team to ensure J.R. Watkins is well-positioned for long-term success.” (Jacobs will continue his involvement as vice chairman of J.R. Watkins.)

“We are looking forward to building on the legacy of J.R. Watkins to increase its share of the household and personal care category,” said Swander Pace managing director Heather Smith Thorne. “J.R. Watkins has always stood for a superior range of products, high caliber of customer service, and extremely loyal customer base. These are tremendous assets for any consumer-facing business and are major reasons we are excited about partnering with this team and brand.”

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