New iPhone Beauty APP

aBeauty Pro, billed as the first professional iPhone makeover app, will launch in mid- to late-January. Its functionality enables potential consumers to try out beauty products on their own photos. The app offers "unique" palettes of a lipstick, eye shadow, blush, powder product information, store locator and Facebook/Twitter integration.

“Today, Apple dominates the mobile app space with 115,000 apps in its iTunes App Store and 100 million downloads a month," said Maria Mikkelsen, one of aBeauty’s creators. "That’s why most marketers find the iPhone market extremely interesting for new ways of advertising. If we speak about the fashion industry, many companies like Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren, Nike, D&G, Gucci, Chanel, GAP, Bebe have already launched their own branded iPhone apps. Now it’s a good time for beauty companies to gain new consumers at the iPhone market.”

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