Shiseido Further Invests in Web Initiatives

Shiseido has acquired shares in Japanese company Starts Publishing Corporation, a media organization that currently runs a number of internet portal sites such as OZmall, a female portal site with a membership of over 1.3 million. The purchase is part of Shiseido’s work to establish a new web-based cosmetic sales store business model, which also features the April launches of the Beauty & Co. website and the Watashi+ web-based beauty service.

Shiseido had previously started to implement an online-based marketing initiative jointly with Starts Publishing, but now the companies have moved ahead via a consensus on reinforcement of their business alliance, entering a statement of mutual agreement. According to the agreement, Shiseido acquired shares in Starts Publishing for the further strengthening of the relationship and to help contribute to the future expansion of its domestic cosmetics business.

Starts Publishing’s principle business activities include publishing female-oriented magazines such as OZmagazine and OZplus, which featured advertising sales activities, as well as mobile-based services (Noichigo) and the publication of standalone books. It also runs the OZmall, OZmall for Men and OZgrande websites.

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