Quadpack Partners with LM for Asia Expansion

Pictured is Quadpack's own smart manufacturing floor.
Pictured is Quadpack's own smart manufacturing floor.

Quadpack has named Korean packaging manufacturer LM as "Quadpack Official Partner," to help accelerate its penetration of the Asian market. LM is a packaging manufacturer, with a strong presence in derma skin care.

As the partner network evolves, Quadpack aims to expand the QLine portfolio with solutions designed for local markets with the help of its partners, where possible through co-creation and collaborative innovation.

Raj Savji, Quadpack managing director—Asia Pacific, said: "The big Asian packaging markets are measured in € billions, with Korea alone worth €1.1 billion. To conquer this region and to fulfil the objectives of our 2020-2025 business strategy, we turn to our trusted partners. With common values, complementary strengths and established reputations, these key industry colleagues will extend our reach and enrich our service, as we deliver solutions in the region, for the region.”

Quadpack CEO Tim Eaves said: "Collaboration is in our DNA. Quadpack itself started as a partnership of three companies in 2003: Belcos Packaging, Lenglart Packaging and Gadbrooke Packaging, each of which worked with partners worldwide. In fact, LM CEO Michael Lim is one of my oldest contacts from Belcos, going back nearly two decades. I am delighted to renew our friendship and welcome our new partner to the Quadpack family.”

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