Consumer-personalized Online Ad Platform Launched

ModiFace, Inc.—developer of artificially intelligent, life-like beauty simulations performed on user-uploaded photos—announced the launch of an online advertising platform based around its leading beauty simulation technology. Beauty brands can now work with ModiFace to customize their advertisements for more interactive functionality.

The platform allows consumers to upload personal photos to the advertisement itself to simulate a visualization of what they would look like after they have used a the advertised beauty product. ModiFace's technology supports a wide variety of beauty and cosmetic makeovers—including facelifts, dermal fillers, injectibles, smile correction, teeth whitening, eye shadow/definition, upper and lower cheek blush, weight reduction, hair coloring, lipstick, smile correction, cheek lift, jaw restoration and skin tanning.

"In the last few years, we have seen a substantial increase in rich media ads because of the increase in interactivity and consumer engagement that results from such ads," said Lisa Leung, director of operations, ModiFace. "By allowing consumers to personalize advertisements with their own photo, ModiFace's new platform will take rich media ads to the next level by personalizing online ads for beauty, weight-loss, antiaging and related products. Based on an internal study we conducted over three months, we've seen that ad-interaction rates can increase by nearly 75%."

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