Dollar Shave Club Launches Getting Ready Campaign



Dollar Shave Club (DSC) has launched a new campaign celebrating the process of getting ready.

The campaign debuted with a long-form video showcasing 36 characters of various identities undertaking their daily grooming routine. It will be followed by a series of 30- and 15-second TV ads, along with various online videos and static assets exploring the characters from the long form.

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Per a study commissioned by DSC, men state that more than 30% of their grooming habits are embarrassing; the company aims to illustrate that the process of getting ready is universal and to encourage “the authentic you to shine through.”

“Getting ready is a universal process. We all get ready for something, and in that moment, we are in our most vulnerable and hopeful state,” said CEO Michael Dubin. “We launched this campaign to tell our current and future members—no matter who they are—that we're your partner during this crucial time as you prepare to look, feel and smell your best.”

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