Kao Updates ESG Strategy


Kao Corporation has unveiled a new global ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategy, the Kirei Lifestyle Plan.

Taking its name from a Japanese word which describes “something that is clean, well-ordered and beautiful, all at the same time,” the plan consists of three commitments supported by 19 detailed leadership actions for business, to be delivered by 2030:

  1. “Make my everyday more beautiful”—By empowering at least 1 billion people by 2030 to enjoy more beautiful lives (such as ensuring 100% of new and improved products meet Kao’s Universal Design Guidelines)
  2. “Make thoughtful choices for society”—By ensuring that 100% of Kao brands make it easy for people to make small but meaningful choices that, together, will shape a more resilient and compassionate society (including releasing at least 10 transformative sustainable product innovations by 2030)
  3. “Make the world healthier and cleaner”—By promising that 100% of Kao products will leave a full life cycle environmental footprint that science says our natural world can safely absorb (including Zero Waste initiatives such as eliminating non-recyclable waste at factories and offices)

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The plan was developed by the company’s newly-established ESG Division and is part of its four-year Kao Group Mid-Term Plan K20, which outlines the company’s commitment to establishing a global corporate presence by 2030.

Details about the Kirei Lifestyle Plan are available online in Japanese in the Kao Integrated Report 2019 and Kao Sustainability Data Book 2019. (English language versions will be published on May 17, 2019 and June 24, 2019 respectively.)

Dave Muenz, executive officer in charge of Kao’s ESG Division, commented: “Our approach to developing the Kirei Lifestyle Plan was to think about how we can service the needs and desires of consumers to live more sustainable lifestyles and contribute to a more sustainable world, as envisioned by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Kirei Lifestyle Plan outlines how Kao will strive to realize the Kirei Lifestyle for all – living a beautiful life inside and out.”

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