Lite Attars by Fragrance Du Bois Luxuriously Launches


The Lite Attars collection, by Fragrance Du Bois, features 10 sustainably produced alcohol-free, oil-based perfumes meant to exude a sense of luxury and an air of wellbeing (retail: $199). 

The highly concentrated attars are presented in 15-ml glass bottles with glass stoppers presented in a velvet box. The scents are formulated to last over time, while providing a moisturizing effect suitable for all skin types.

 “Attars are the very essence of essences," said Nicola Parker, brand director of Fragrance Du Bois. "They are completely alcohol-free and made only from natural oils, and although there is a common misconception that attars can be overpowering, this is simply not the case. What some people don't grasp is that an attar is a subtler form of a perfume. We've called ours ‘Lite Attars’ in order to emphasize that the perfumes—although 100% pure and natural and somewhat more intense—will be neither intrusive nor overwhelming.”

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