Beiersdorf-Innoget Expand Technology Innovation Program

Nivea helped boost its parent company's H1 2016 results.
Nivea helped boost its parent company's H1 2016 results.

Beiersdorf is partnering with Innoget to expand its open innovation to better scout out new technologies. The company will have its own profile within the Innoget portal, in which companies can make contacts in the scientific community and in industry in a confidential and protected environment.

The move is part of a wider program for Beiersdorf, which held a supplier innovation fair in 2015. This is in addition to maintaining strategic partnerships with research institutes and universities.

“With the connection of the two portals, we are strengthening our network with external partners, especially in the areas of life science and chemistry”, said Pia Rücker, senior technology manager in Beiersdorf’s R&D. “At the same time, we’re improving the visibility of our company as an innovative cooperation partner for other industries and for research institutes and universities.”

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