Herb'N Eden Receives $1.2M Investment

Herb'N Eden owners Quinton (left) and Terran Lewis (right) holding their all-natural products.
Herb'N Eden owners Quinton (left) and Terran Lewis (right) holding their all-natural products.

Bath and beauty brand Herb'N Eden has raised a $1.2 million investment, which will enable it to efficiently meet the demands of its rapidly growing clientele without sacrificing its all-natural therapeutic products. Mercantile Venture Capital led the investment with participation from The Core Venture Studio.

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Investors were attracted by the brand's ability to sustain growth beyond the pandemic year, while remaining risk-averse and prioritizing customer communications.

Quinton Lewis and Terran Lewis founded Herb'N Eden in 2015.

Terran Lewis said, "Through our tremendous growth, we still maintained the same formula and process of making our products. We know Black-owned businesses face challenges around funding and equitable partnerships. For us, it was important we remain the majority owners and stay faithful to the tried-and-true process our supporters count on us for."

Quinton Lewis said, "It's amazing to see what we could accomplish in such a short amount of time. In two to five years, we hope to continue to scale our business with the resources and connections made while also investing into the dreams of other Black entrepreneurs."  

James Harris, co-founder and managing partner at The Core Venture Studio, said, "From $260,000 in 2020 to $2.6 million closing out 2021, during the pandemic, is remarkable. Their ability to scale their company while strengthening their relationship with their loyal customers drove Core's decision to invest in the Herb'N Eden team."

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