RéVive Skincare Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Artist and poet Amber Vittoria designed a special 25th anniversary logo for RéVive.
Artist and poet Amber Vittoria designed a special 25th anniversary logo for RéVive.

RéVive Skincare is celebrating its 25th anniversary with new product launches, packaging updates, formula upgrades and an extension to its bestselling collection.

In early 2022, RéVive introduced the first of two new additions to the core Renewal collection: the Moisturizing Renewal Day Cream SPF 30 and then in May, the Moisturizing Renewal Lotion Dual Acid Nightly Retexturizer.

RéVive also introduced Intensité Volumizing Serum Ultime Targeted Skin Filler, a more powerful reformulation of the Intensité Volumizing Serum. For this launch, the brand partnered exclusively with Neiman Marcus, the brand's first retail partner, offering a series of personal appearances with founder Gregory Brown, M.D., alongside exclusive facial events.

RéVive will continue to introduce innovations in both the Fermitif and Masque des Yeux collections in fall 2022.

A first in brand history, RéVive introduced two brand ambassadors: celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger and celebrity facialist Adeela Crown.

RéVive is also bringing in two new partners: School House and Jane Smith Agency.

Later this fall, artist and poet Amber Vittoria will join the brand as this year's artist-in-residence. As part of her residency, Vittoria has designed a special 25th anniversary logo. This partnership will include artist talks with Brown, a content campaign and VIP events leading to the limited edition Artjar launch in November 2022.

Brown said, "I've been fortunate enough to have had two career paths intersect over time: medicine and skin care. RéVive came to be through my research, when I surreptitiously discovered bioengineered molecules that stimulated wound healing can also reverse signs of aging. Now 25 years later, we still look to the ever-evolving world of science as we develop innovative skin care - giving new life to skin."

RéVive CEO Elana Drell Szyfer said, "It is unusual to find a brand that can attest to being both heritage and contemporary, to having stood the test of time but also remaining modern and innovative. RéVive is one of those rare brands. We wanted to make the celebration of 25 years about looking forward and setting our sights on a whole new set of brand initiatives."

Lana Todorovich, president and chief merchandising officer, Neiman Marcus Group, said, "RéVive is one of those remarkable brands that our customers love and has developed a cult following. We are honored to collaborate with Dr. Brown and his team to celebrate the 25th anniversary and serve as the exclusive retailer for their latest, innovative product launch. We always strive to identify and nurture brands that are truly special. RéVive is a perfect example of this as they have been an important partner for us since 1997. We look forward to celebrating many more milestones together in the years ahead."

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