LifeDNA Offers DNA-personalized Supplements and Skin Care Products


Product customization is a game-changing trend in the beauty industry, becoming more prevalent with each passing day. From one-on-one in-store consultations to questionnaires that help determine personal beauty needs, consumers are adapting to the idea that they can easily attain products tailor-made for them. Some are even starting to expect it. 

When it comes to product personalization, it doesn't get more exclusive than one's own DNA. LifeDNA is a company that offers consumers free DNA tests in order to provide personalized supplements or skin care kits that are frequently updated for users' changing lives. 

How it Works

  • When consumers sign up for a supplement or skin care pack, they receive a free DNA test;
  • Genetic markers—SNPs—are checked for indications of deficiencies and challenges that may be mitigated with certain ingredients; and
  • A unique combination of supplements or skin care products is created and shipped to the customer as part of a subscription. 

Cyril Moukarzel, co-founder and CEO of LifeDNA, said, "Using a simple DNA test, we can find out what potential deficiencies and challenges people might have. That gives you the most accurate mind-and-body supplements for your genetic needs, or a skincare kit personalized for your unique complexion. Without a DNA test, you're just taking a random guess, putting chemicals in your body or on your skin that probably don't benefit you." 

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