The Luxury Skin Care Brand That is 'Dominating' Social Media Engagement


During the first half of 2018, luxury skin care brand, La Mer, harnessed the power of 1,529 influencers to garner over 12 million social engagements, more than any other skin care brand on the market, according to a recent Traackr report, the "State of Influence in Skincare." 

In the report, Traackr analyzed luxury, premium, retail, CPG and dermatological skin care brands as well as the share of influence in mentions and engagements, potential reach, engagement rates, number of active influencers and influence by channel (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) for each brand. 

According to the Report


  • Deciem’s The Ordinary skin care line achieved the most mentions by the most active influencers among premium brands.
  • Tatcha garnered the most engagements (27%) and the highest potential reach across premium brands.


  • Origins earned both the most mentions and engagements from influencers compared to other retail skincare brands like Kiehl’s, Lush and The Body Shop. It also partnered with the most unique number of influencers—1,400.


  • While Dove earned 34% of mentions by top influencers, Olay beat out Dove in engagements with 37% versus Dove’s 15%.

Pierre-Loic Assayag, CEO and co-founder of Traackr, said, "The notion of luxury has always been associated with exclusivity and scarcity. While some of the most forward-thinking global brands are able to manage influencer programs of a few hundred or thousand influencers, luxury brands need to optimize the balance between scaling impact and staying consistent with the exclusivity they wish to preserve. La Mer has accomplished both scaling their program successfully and staying authentic to their brand by collaborating with influencers who love their products and have earned trust from their community."

He added, "During influencer marketing’s infancy, brands viewed influencers as just another media channel to push their messages out. Now, the most successful skin care companies see influencers as a long-term investment for their own brands. They focus on authentic relationships over straight ad buys that can impact everything from future marketing strategies to customer support to product development."

Check out the full report, here

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