I Wanna Be Hydrated


What it is: Replenix's Pure Hydration Moisture Balm

Claims: This emollient-rich moisturizer features triple layer moisture technology to combat dry skin and address visible signs of aging. Delivered in a rich texture formula just in time for winter, this luxurious balm nourishes and replenishes skin helping to repair the skin's barrier function and maintain an optimal moisture balance. Innovative triple layer moisture technology combines high concentrations of emollients, humectants and ceramides to aid in lipid replenishment and help correct and soothe dull, rough or cracked skin. 

Ingredient highlights: Hyaluronic, yucca glauca root, glycerin, squalane, vitamin E, biomimetic ceramide complex, bisabolol, green tea polyphenols, caffeine USP and resveratrol


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