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Verescence Honored at Sustainability Leadership Awards

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Five Verescence's sites around the world, have been awarded.

Several Verescence sites have been awarded at the fifth edition of the Sustainability Leadership Awards on the occasion of Sustain 2021.

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Five Verescence EcoVadis Platinum medal-winning sites in the United States, France and Spain, have been recognized for excellence in sustainability and named Best Performers.

The awards include:

Best performers at the Regional Awards

North America

  • Verescence North America Inc (Covington Site)

  • Verescence North America Inc (Sparta Site)


  • Verescence La Granja Slu (Spain)

  • Verescence Orne Sasu (France)

Best performers at the Category Awards

Manufacturing, Heavy

  • Verescence La Granja Slu (Spain)

  • Verescence Orne Sasu (France)

  • Verescence Somme Sasu (France)

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