Spate: US Consumer Trends in Makeup and Hair Spray

Spate reports that anti-humidity spray searches have grown 58.9% since last year.
Spate reports that anti-humidity spray searches have grown 58.9% since last year.

Spate’s latest trend report on U.S. consumer searches within beauty and personal care reveal an increased engagement with lip makeup, eyelid tape and anti-humidity spray. Consumers are consistently searching for their favorite retailers alongside these products, including Sephora, Walmart and Target.

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There are 3.4K average monthly searches in the United States for peel-off lip stain, a growth of 120.8% since last year with Sephora being the only market leader despite not retailing this product. Long-lasting lip makeup searches grew 75%, helping to fuel the overall 65.5% growth of the lip stain category. Related searches include Sephora, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, homemade and DIY.

Per Spate, there are 21.9K average monthly searches for eyelid tape, a growth of 49.8% since last year with The Face Shop as the only market leader. Related searches include hooded eyes, droopy (eyelids), anti-aging and sagging. Eyebrow lift searches have also increased by 9.3% since last year.

There are 2.4K average monthly searches for anti-humidity spray, a growth of 58.9% since last year with four market leaders: Oribe, Living Proof, Amika and Alterna. Anti-frizz searches increased 27.1% since last year. Related searches include Walmart, drugstore and Target, indicating that a wallet-friendly price point is crucial for this trend.

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