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The Hair Care Brands with the Most Earned Media Value During December 2018

EMV is Tribe Dynamics' proprietary metric for quantifying the estimated value of consumer engagement with digital earned media. Among the top hair care brands were Oribe, Matrix and Olaplex.

Holiday Giveaways Propel Skin Care Growth

During the 2018 holiday season, skin care brands participating in collaborative giveaways with beauty influencers saw significant growth in terms of EMV.

Are Messaging Apps the Secret to Brand Loyalty?

Of those surveyed, over 66% said they felt more confident about brands they had messaged and over 55% said they felt more personally connected to the brands.

Benefit Co-Founder Jean Ann Ford Has Passed Away

“She spent her whole life creating a world where women could find joy and happiness in themselves. She truly believed when you make someone look good and feel good, they will be good,” daughter Ann Ford Danielson stated in an email.

#HolidayMakeup Looks Drive Growth for Brands in December 2018

On average, #HolidayMakeup drove $1.6 million EMV for each of the top 10 brands during December.

CVS Makes Strides in Transparent Beauty

The company has announced that, one year after launching its Beauty Mark Initiative, nearly 70% of beauty imagery in CVS Pharmacy locations nationwide will be CVS Beauty Mark compliant.

Michael Bolton Rocks Into Fragrance Market

The fragrance collection will feature an eau de parfum, body lotion and a shower gel.

HiSmile Wants to Naturally Whiten Your Smile in Just 10 Minutes

The whitening process has been formulated to deliver results in six applications, with each application lasting only 10 minutes.

The Personal Care Ingredients Market Is on a Major Upswing

Growth drivers include a rising involvement of women in urban workforces, a growing importance of personal grooming, and the promotional activities of market players.

Givaudan Fragrances Unveils FiveCarbon Path

“Our FiveCarbon Path vision is another step in demonstrating our commitment to finding new pathways for the production of existing molecules and the delivery of novel ones,” said Jeremy Compton, head of fragrance science and technology.

Combe Inc. Believes in Sustain’s Ability

The company behind Vagisil is teaming up with Sustain Natural, provider of natural sexual wellness products for women, in an effort to increase their impact on the women’s health industry.

Why Sundial Brands is Investing in Women of Color

From the very beginning, Rich was determined to keep Sundial Brands true to its African roots by fulfilling the body care needs of women of color who have been marginally overlooked by mass marketers.

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