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Athleisure Makeup and Hair Care by the Numbers

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Athleisure trends are creating market opportunities for makeup primers, dry shampoo and more.

Consumers' greater focus on wellness is creating a wide array of opportunities for beauty brands, including innovators such as Sweat Cosmetics and Kinx Active. But how big is the opportunity? NPD recently put some numbers to this burgeoning trend.

Prestige makeup sales rose 11% in the 12 months ending February, totaling $7.6 billion, according to Kline. The segment accounted for more than 80% of the industry's total gains, per NPD. (Further reading: 2016-2017 makeup report.)

The rise of wellness has boosted long-lasting and waterproof products, according to NPD. Other athleisure-centric insights from the firm include:

  • 8%: growth in the foundation category, led by multifunctional formulations; basic foundation sales actually declined for the period
  • 13%: long-wear foundation sales gains
  • 17%: sales gain of concealers
  • 7%: sales gains in powders, which surpassed blush sales
  • 31%: sales gains of eyebrow color
  • 18%: lip color sales gains
  • 16%: face primer sales gains
  • 6% eye primer sales gains
  • 23%: lip primer sales gains
  • 16%: sales gains in waterproof mascara
  • 7%: sales gains in waterproof eyeliner
  • 66%: sales increase in dry shampoos

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“In today’s image-driven society, the bar has been raised to maintain a perfected ‘natural’ appearance virtually around the clock,” said Karen Grant, global beauty industry analyst, The NPD Group. “With heightened focus on appearance, the door opens for manufacturers and retailers to fill the need for consumers seeking increased usage of beauty products that can hold up to the rigors of our active lives – including a workout – to look good before, during, and after working out."

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