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Mink has upped its customization game by creating a simple, affordable makeup hacking system.

Customization is a leading consumer need impacting the beauty industry. Now, Mink, which previously released a 3-D printer for makeup, has introduced its Makeup Hacker Startup Kit ($55) that allows for quick, simple customization.

Available in 2017, the set includes four pigments, which can be precision-applied to consumers' existing products per directions offered on an accompanying app and measured by a special dial device. Once the pigment is added, it can be blended into the existing product with a brush to create the desired hue.

The entire process, per a Mink video, takes about a minute. The company describes it as the "easiest and most exciting way to instantly expand your makeup collection."

According to Mink, the kit allows users to:

  • Create a darker, summer shade of your holy grail foundation Instantly dupe trending colors from Instagram onto your favorite makeup formulas
  • Create the perfect contour or highlighter straight from the foundation that you love
  • Turn that bright berry liquid lipstick into the perfect vampy fall shade (or a statement making blue!)
  • Transform your holy grail concealer into your holy grail color correcting cream
  • Create duo, trio or quad eyeshadow combos from a single shade Resurrect a discontinued color!
  • Transform your blush into a bronzer
  • Finally try that ombre lip Invent the next pizza highlighter and SO SO much more! + additional details

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