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SkinStore Releases Analysis of U.S. Skin Care

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The top skin care products that have jumped in popularity over the last year are based on what Americans are searching for. Photo: SkinStore.

Americans will spend $15,000 on skin care in their lifetime, according to SkinStore's "Skincare Report: An Analysis of Beauty in the United States."

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The average American will spend $322.88 on skin care each year, and will make a total of 47 years of purchases. 

SkinStore analyzed Google searches and declared the top five states that are most invested in skin care are, in descending order, California, Texas, Florida, New York and Illinois.

The number one product of 2021 so far is vitamin C serum, with more than 1,479,630 searches in the United States alone. Serums in general have reached 3,000,110 searches, a 49% yearly increase. 

As for upcoming skin care products in 2021, hand cream is America’s next big product with 1,048,340 searches in the United States, equating to a 141% growth. 

Lip care is the second-fastest growing product, driven by the increase in awareness regarding personal care and grooming among females and males.

Glowy skin is popular with shoppers in the United States, who purchase 3.2 times more products that have the word "glow" in them, compared to products that do not feature the term.

Interest in men’s skin care has risen by 400% over the last five years.

The Ordinary has generated 6,943,140 online searches, per the report, a 71% yearly increase.

Other top brands include:

  • DHC, with 4,536,100 searches.

  • La Roche-Posay, with 2,148,310 searches.

  • Bioderma, with 1,056,950 searches.

  • Skinceuticals, with 923,530 searches.