Are Messaging Apps the Secret to Brand Loyalty?


Fifty-eight percent of consumers feel more confident messaging a business than calling them on the phone. Welcome to 2019. 

A recent survey, conducted by Facebook, aimed to get to the bottom of what it calls "the world's messaging habit." According to Facebook, the global rise of business messaging shows that the ways that people choose to engage with businesses are evolving—think seeking store hours, product details and gift ideas. 

Convenience seems to be the main catalyst when it comes to contacting a company via a messaging app, with over 61% of respondents saying that messaging is the easiest, most convenient way to contact a business. In fact, Facebook found that messaging of this sort provides consumers with a "concierge-like experience."

Of those surveyed, over 66% said they felt more confident about brands they had messaged and over 55% said they felt more personally connected to the brands. 

When tackling initiatives for messaging of this kind, brand marketers were encouraged to start with a clear business objective, explore messaging’s potential across the funnel and measure, test and learn from different strategies. 

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