Way of Will Adds 4 Essential Oil Deodorants to Product Mix

Vanilla + Mint
Vanilla + Mint

Way of Will, a brand focused on providing consumers with natural essential oil products, has announced the launch of four new deodorants to its athletic line. 

Current Way of Will Deodorants include:

  • Natural Deodorant Spray—Bergamot + Elemi: Bergamot oil is used to deodorize while elemi oil rejuvenates the skin;
  • Natural Deodorant Spray—Grapefruit + Lavender: Lavender oil reportedly calms inflamed skin, rosemary oil protects skin from infection and grapefruit oil is used to assist in odor control;
  • Natural Deodorant Spray—Peppermint + Lavender: Peppermint and bergamot oil is used to heal and prevent skin irritation while also combating body odor;
  • Natural Deodorant—Vanilla + Mint: Vanilla oil contains antioxidant properties, spearmint oil offers antimicrobial and antiseptic properties and thyme oil eliminates body odor;
  • Natural Deodorant—Lime + Black Spruce: Lime oil is used to stimulate the skin, black spruce oil protects the skin and offers an earthy fragrance and geranium oil is used to eliminate body odor;
  • Natural Deodorant—Tea Tree + Pumpkin Seed: Tea tree oil is used for its antibacterial and deodorizing properties and pumpkin seed helps to reduce redness and itching; and
  • Foot and Shoe Deodorant—Peppermint + Eucalyptus: Peppermint oil is used to cool tired, aching feet and muscles and eucalyptus oil provides antiseptic and deodorizing effects. 
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